Punk/rocking 4-piece WYLDLIFE drop new single

Music Review | 26th June, 2024 Fast Dreams Fast Dreams (Cover Artwork)

Known for their catchy riffs and choruses, charmingly specific lyrics, and a palpable love of '70s punk, glam, and power pop, Wyldlife deliver an energetic and nostalgic sound that's impossible to resist.

The 4-piece latest single Fast Dreams marks the band's first output since 2020 and includes a spirited cover of Tom Petty's You Don't Know How It Feels as the b-side.

Speaking about Fast Dreams vocalist Dave Feldman says;

Surface level, the song is about partying just before bed time. But more-so, it's a point of advice to keep dreaming, whether you want to better your life, travel to space, or just be a mid-30s semi-secret rock icon,

The band enlisted their college friend Alex Derwick to create the three minute visual masterpiece which sees the band tranformed into an 8-bit arcade game.

We have already conquered every other music video format in our tenure as musicians....so it was time to go animated. We're already animated guys by nature - Dave Feldman (vocalist)

WYLDLIFE - Fast Dreams (Youtube)

The single Fast Dreams is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Earshot Media

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