Irish band, Van Gone return with latest single

New Music | 17th January, 2024

Hailing from the West of Ireland, Indie-band, Van Gone, have released their latest brand of shoegaze, Healthy High.

Van Gone Healthy High Healthy High (Cover Artwork)

Formed in May 2023, Van Gone have already played an array of packed and energetic gigs around Galway and Dublin, making a growing name in the Irish music scene.

The latest release follows the success of their debut single, Self Medicate which seamlessly blended ethereal shoegaze with Psychedelic Progressive Rock.

Healthy High follows in the same vein as their previous release starting off with a slow tempo before distorted guitars and pounding drums kick in.

Along with the release of Healthy High, the band now have an array of gigs lined up all across venues in Dublin and Galway.

Van Gone - Healthy High (Youtube)

Healthy High is available through all streaming platforms.

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