Indie/Rock artist, Trophy Wife, release the gloriously evocative track Partygirl

Music Review | 16th February, 2024 Trophy Wife Trophy Wife

Begining with a fuzz-tone guitar intro, Partygirl, flows with a relaxed mid tempo beat with layered melodic vocals. The track takes it up a notch half way trough with a heavier beat and overdriven guitar, with slight hits of 90's indie from female singers such as Alanis Morissette.

Trophy Wife is the alias of Ruby Smyth, an Indie/Rock songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Ireland.

Speaking about the latest track the singer says;

When I wrote this song I was in a period where I was really looking at myself and my life and realising I could no longer run, I had to really stare myself in the face and ask myself some hard questions.
I was listening to a lot of Juliana Hatfield at the time (I think she is amazing) and really wanted to champion a sonic wall of guitars throughout the song while still trying to maintain thought out and musical guitar parts. I almost imagine it like a choir - several guitars playing different things but ultimately forming a cohesive whole. I like how different lines just sing out at different parts, emerging from the noise and then fading back in. I was trying to evoke the mood of being in the next room at a shit party or school dance, feeling very alone in a place full of people and stimulus - almost de realized but present enough that you are in the moment.
This song took me the longest to finish that a song has in a while - and I only managed to do it when I let go enough to let the song become what it is now. I guess there's a metaphor or life lesson in that somewhere

Trophy Wife - Partygirl (Youtube)

The single, Partygirl is available through all streaming platforms.

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