Totally Slow Putting Punk Into Rock

Music Review | 9th February, 2024

In celebration of their fourth LP, punk-rockers, Totally Slow, have released their latest punk anthem Future Burns.

Totally Slow Totally Slow

Totally Slow put punk into rock with this high energy track. With trashing guitars, pounding drums and aggressive vocal style the band get their message across in less than two minutes.

After a series of livewire basement shows and sweaty van tours in several bands over the years, Scott Hicks and Andy Foster formed Totally Slow in 2013 releasing their self-titled LP.

The LP Bleed Out's followed up in 2016, with Totally Slow going into flux, speeding up their songs for the Imperium EP, while introducing guitarist Chuck Johnson (Torchrunner, Gut Feeling).

Describing the latest track, Future Burns, guitarist and vocalist Scott Hicks says;

an existential field trip through the tortured mind of an omnipotent autocrat drowning under the weight of anxiety and obsolete tech,

The single serves as a sneak peek into their upcoming LP set for release in Spring 2024, which will feature collaborations with Noelle from Shehehe and Sam from Man or Astroman.

The band has combined the melodic anthems of 1980s SoCal bands like The Adolescents, Agent Orange and The Faction, with the skewed rawk of '90s San Diego bands Drive Like Jehu and Truman's Water, and the righteous conviction of classic DC hardcore like Dag Nasty, Gray Matter and Fugazi.

Totally Slow - Future Burns (Official Music Video)

The single, Future Burns is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: @reidhaithcock

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