Irish alt-rock artist Toria releases debut EP

Music Review | 17th May, 2024 Toria Toria

Singer-songwriter Toria is a refreshing musical voice that demands to be heard. Trained in classical piano from an early age, Toria moved between alternative pop ballads and Beethoven, before being led to guitar, singing and eventually song writing.

With the release of her debut EP, Belief, Toria announces herself as a new sound in Irish female alternative rock.

Belief delivers melancholic and moody tones, broken by an energetic and passionate alt rock soundtrack. The 5 track EP takes the listener on a musical journey as Toria's skills as an emotional songwriting shine through on every track.

Toria announces her debut EP to the world with the release of the single, Final Draw.

Speaking about the single the artist says;

Final Draw is definitely a more laid back and chilled song, and when I wrote this I had been listening to a lot of R'n'B at the time; I think that inspiration really comes through in this track. I love listening to - Final Draw - because it brings me back to nights in my room where I'd be experimenting with all different kinds of sounds, and trying to implement different influences while also putting my own spin on them.

Toria - Final Draw (Youtube)

The EP Belief is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jawdropper Music

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