Indie band The Vanrays Drop Electrifying Garage and Soul EP

Music Review | 10th June, 2024 The Vanrays The Vanrays

With soulful vocals, deep grooves, punchy horns and memorable melodies The Vanrays formed in 2016 around a collective love of soul and R&B classics.

Since releasing their debut four-song EP in 2019 the band has kept at it - writing, recording and playing shows to sweaty dance floors and exuberant crowds.

With a reputation for belting out undeniably catchy Motown and Soul tunes with big hooks, big melodies and an even bigger brass section their latest offering Hey! Alright Now is a dynamic EP full of soulful classic R&B and garage music.

Vocalist Spencer McKinnon sums up what one can expect from a Vanrays release;

Who do the Vanrays sound like? Well, they sound like the Vanrays. We have our own distinctive take on the garage soul genre and have crafted an album that both nods to the past but is uniquely our own style. East Van Soul!

Included on the EP is the lead single Ghost released with accompanying video. The video holds a special place in the band's heart, marking a pivotal moment in their musical journey, and serving as the cornerstone for the direction of their newest EP.

Through poignant imagery and compelling storytelling, Ghosts explores themes of love, redemption, and the haunting echoes of past mistakes. As the lyrics poetically express, Love is a ghost - that's been haunting me, love is a ghost - that only my lover can see.

About the track the band explains;

Ghosts' embodies the essence of our collective journey as a band. It's a reflection of the highs and lows we've experienced, wrapped in a haunting melody that lingers in the soul....If you want to see ghosts - you got to believe - in love..

The Vanrays - Ghosts (Youtube)

The EP Hey! Alright Now is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Carleen Kyle

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