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Music Review | 4th June, 2024 The Last Time The Last Time

Founded in April 2023, musical project, Queen Bitch, is a distinct and promising, emerging rock band, currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

Addressing the breadth of human experience, the songs tell stories of finding strength, overcoming grief, and reconnecting with simple joys in life. The music blends rock, blues, and grunge, to mention a few genres, in empowering and inimitable ways.

The latest single from the band is The Last Time is the third single release by Queen Bitch, following her debut single Bones in October 2023, shortly followed by Confines in January 2024.

Much like Confines, The Last Time found its inception on the piano, soon moving to the guitar and developing into its full rock sound, with an abundance of dreamy instrumental lead guitar.

Speaking about the track front-person and writer Róisín Bohan says;

The song has various layers of meaning, with a focus on life's transient nature and learning to cherish the time we have. Using clouds as a metaphor for our journey through life, it explores themes of personal growth, forgiveness, and the wisdom to walk away from what no longer serves us—such as one-sided relationships or situations where we feel invisible. "The Last Time" encourages us to trust our intuition, follow our own path, and release any sense of burden that may be weighing us down.
The song is written like a letter addressing a loved one - perhaps the loved one is even ourselves - conveying that this is our final attempt to make them hear and see us. It declares that we no longer seek their validation; essentially, we no longer care because we have been tested for too long. The song evokes a feeling of sadness, wrapped in the nostalgia that accompanies the choice to move on, however, it also carries a sense of hope for what lies ahead.

The Queen Bitch - The Last Time (Youtube)

The single The Last Time is available through all streaming platforms.

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