The Butterfly Graveyard release future/retro synthwave inspired single, Bad Kitty

Music Review | 24th February, 2024 The Butterfly Graveyard The Butterfly Graveyard

The Butterfly Graveyard is an Irish indie musical project creating a unique brand of synth-pop. With a number of releases under their belt the latest single, Bad Kitty, oozes synths with a solid pop-beat combing 80's new-wave with a modern production.

Speaking about the latest track the artist says;

This track had been around for a while and after watching the movie 'Drive' and listening to it's amazing soundtrack for about the millionth time, we decided to sprinkle the existing track with a little Synthwave dust. I suppose it's a bit of a guilty pleasure but I really like the idea of that 'future/retro vibe' contemporary bands sounding like they had been around back in the 80's. As for the lyrics, they are a little playful. I wrote them one afternoon while watching my cat in the garden. I ended up writing a fictional account of her life as a young kitten. I reimagined her as a Samurai manga cat, arriving in New York, pennyless but ambitious. Then, despite almost being muscled out by the big dogs, she rose to the top of the cat underworld, eventually running a chain of nightclubs and Sushi bar's. I suppose the moral of the story is to follow your dreams."

The Butterfly Graveyard - Bad Kitty (Youtube)

The single, Bad Kitty, is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jawdropper Music

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