Ambient music legend Stumbleine Releases New Single, I Cant Stop Anytime I Like

Music Review | 21st March, 2024 Stumbleine Stumbleine

Stumbleine is the alias of Peter Cooper a reclusive producer who began blending slow dream-like pop with fractured lo-fi beats in 2012. The artist is known for a DIY ethic, releasing music directly to fans or via the independent label Monotreme Records.

The latest single I Can Stop Anytime I Like features on the soon to be released 8th studio album, Deleted Scene, set for release on the 14th June via Monotreme Records.

I Can Stop Anytime I Like is the opening track to the album and fuses addictive sampled vocals with soft, glassy guitars, as if a reflecting pool of the listeners’ memories.

Speaking about the album Peter says:

Deleted scene refers to the memories that play over and over inside your own head, replaying hazy copies of hazy copies that evolve into a bittersweet fever dream. Everybody has their own unique collection of deleted scenes slowly distorting and fading away

Stumbleine - I Can Stop Anytime I Like (Youtube)

The single I Can Stop Anytime I Like is available through all streaming platforms.

The album Deleted Scene is out on the 21st March.

Photo Credit: Knysh Ksenya

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