Stumbleine Releases Catastrophette From Upcoming Album

Music Review | 23rd May, 2024 Catastrophette Catastrophette (Cover Artwork)

UK producer and ambient music legend Stumbleine is preparing to release his 8th album Deleted Scene, overflowing with beautiful nostalgia-tinged electronica.

The album is steeped with cloud-like beauty, with opener and recent single I Can Stop Anytime I Like fusing addictive sampled vocals with soft and glassy guitars.

Elsewhere on the album, Ursa Minor Sleeps Forever is fittingly sleepy, circling soft slow synth arpeggios in a dreamy haze, a sound built upon by Somnia to an epiphany-like string bed, never straying too far from Stumbleine’s serene haven of melodic grace.

With the latest single Catastrophette, Stumbleine crafts a more dramatic and poignant web of sound, with snippets of rnb vocals flowing over a backdrop of guitar and strings, interspersed with dreamlike passages of spoken words.

Speaking about the album, Deleted Scene Stumbeline says;

Deleted scene refers to the memories that play over and over inside your own head, replaying hazy copies of hazy copies that evolve into a bittersweet fever dream. Everybody has their own unique collection of deleted scenes slowly distorting and fading away.

Stumbleine - Catastrophette (Youtube)

The single, Catastrophette is available through all streaming platforms, while the album Deleted Scene set for release on 14th June.

Photo Credit: Knysh Ksenya

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