Cork based Stacey K addresses important topic with latest single

New Music | 23rd January, 2024

, Girls, Gays, Theys. Stacey K Press Photo Stacey K

There is an 80's feel to Staceys latest track but with a modern twist. Girls Gays Theys has a nice groove, reminiscent of Fleetwood Macs Dreams. The melody of the chorus is amazing and will have you humming hours after listen to the track.

Girls Gays Theys is Stacey's response after seeing a social media post calling for the banning of books from Irish libraries containing LGBTQ sex education material.

With this archaic thinking fresh on her mind, she turned to the piano and sang the first line of the track.

'Natalie, you made me feel so angry, talking shit on the internet, about the books kids shouldn't get'

This rage fueled genesis gave way to an extremely honest conversation of sexual identity through song which evolved into a strong message against ignorant hate.

A classically trained pianist and singer, Stacey K uses a mix of vintage keyboards and synths to deliver sweet pop-centric melodies with a bang.

The new track, Girls Gays Theys is the first step forward for Stacey as an artist, expressing her style and voice to tackle a topic that shouldn't need tackling at all.

This music arrives from a deeply personal place, wrapped up in sexual identity, awakening, realisation and positivity in the face of ignorant hate.

Stacey K - Theys (Youtube)

Girls Gays Theys is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Old Crows Promotions

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