Sohodolls continue their comeback with mischievous, punky single

Music Review | 29th April, 2024 Sohodolls Mother Wouldnt Like It Cover Artwork Wouldnt Like It Cover Artwork (Cover Artwork)

Formed in 2023 Sohodolls described their sound as a cross between decaying and desperate glamour and savagery and sex.

The group continue their recent resurgence, after the 00s single Bang Bang Bang Bang which became a viral hit eventually amassing over 200m streams.

The latest track Mother Wouldn’t Like It is a light-hearted punk pop atomic bomb about teenage rebellion and getting up to no good on a Friday night with your mates, with thick, driving riffs that stab and bounce with mischievous glory.

Speaking about the track Maya Von Doll (singer), says;

I wrote this song with another band that I was friends with back in the noughties. When their band disbanded, I asked if I could have this song and tweak it to make it Sohodolls.
I've had it on hold for years and years but feel that now the time is right to unleash it. I wonder if the menacing guitar riff will captivate listeners the way it used to captivate me when I'd watch my friends' band play in dodgy London venues where you'd have beer crates form the stage

Sohodolls - Mother Wouldn't Like It (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

The single Mother Wouldnt Live It is available through all streaming platforms.

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