Indie band Sky_A releases new track from upcoming album

New Music | 26th January, 2024 Sky_A Walker Walker (Cover Artwork)

London-based artist Sky_A has released his second single Walker, taken from his upcoming debut album due later in the year.

Walker is progressive rock for the modern age. Electronic mixed with acoustic guitar with an unusual rhythm. The song takes it up a notch when the beat gets stronger and a lead guitar with killer tone enters.

About the inspiration for the song Sky_A says;

It’s an angry piece of music. Like, anti-imperial levels of anger. It’s about having been lied to, having participated in awful things on a huge scale, and becoming aware, resolving to undo the damage that has been done. It’s a bit like a war march, sonically. Built around the sound of my thumb on an unearthed guitar lead - a sound most musicians will recognise, barely musical - it has this feeling for me of molten rock, this tectonic movement, as this person is accepting their pain as a gift, of purposeful anger. I like it being called Walker, I hear the rhythm as a kind of limping gait, wounded but resolute. There’s a lot more to it than that - every song on the album is a scene, and the sounds are characters - which won’t make much sense out of context, but it comes at a decisive point, it’s the squaring up to the challenge ahead, it’s about seeing the horror and brutality in the world and not looking away.

Sky has synaesthesia, and seeks to share with listeners his own experience of music as something deep and immersive, comprised of shapes, colours and textures. Working professionally as a filmmaker and motion graphics artist, he also brings a strong visual element to this project, with a focus on long-form storytelling and beautiful, hypnotic abstract visuals.

Sky_A - Walker (Youtube)

The single Walker is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Memphia Music PR & Management

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