Singer-songwriter Rory Gillanders Makes Triumphant Return With New Music

Music Review | 18th May, 2024 Rory Gillanders Rory Gillanders

Raised in a household that regularly featured Dylan and Springsteen on the record player, it seems from a young age Rory Gillanders was being primed to be a singer/songwriter. Rory was drawn to the expression of truth in these artists, taking the world around them and putting their experiences through their own unique filter to help make sense of a seemingly nonsensical world.

The latest track from Rory, Soulless World, began life in a moment of feeling lost in the face of the unending captivity and sorrow the world faced during the pandemic. Struggling to make sense of it all, Rory begged the question when will it end?

Once pen had been put to paper the track was taken to his band which saw the track begin to expand and grow. It was important to Rory that the track had the right sense of energy and emotion, so he turned to Dublin based vocalist Sara Jane and Brazilian vocalist Deyse Menzes to help add a further sense of light and shade to the track.

Despite the sullen tone of the lyrics, musically Soulless World has an upbeat and positive sound. Based around acoustic guitar and percussion the additional vocal backing takes on a celebratory feel.

Rory speaks of the approach to the artwork and video,

I wanted to portray a vision of a soulless, dystopian world. A visual representation of what I was feeling when I wrote the track. We used open spaces in the video to try and portray the emptiness and vastness of how the world can feel sometimes. The video was shot at different locations around Dublin in a gorilla, gonzo style

Rory Gillanders - Soulless World (Youtube)

The single Soulless World is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Old Crows Promotions

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