Rlyblonde Releases Dumb Blonde Video!

Music Review | 22nd May, 2024 Rylblonde Rylblonde

Through her new production company, Hot Creative, multidisciplinary artist Rlyblonde (Carina Allen) has released the music video for Dumb Blonde.

Viewers who have seen past Rlyblonde videos might recognize small easter eggs throughout the video — look out for old video outfits featured as props, callbacks to past releases, and a breaking of the fourth wall that mixes fantasy and reality.

Speaking about her latest project Carina says;

Directing and producing my own videos is such an integral part of making music for me...I'm not just writing songs, I'm building an entire visual world for people to escape into.

After years of being the go-to photographer, videographer and creative director for New York's favorite indie acts, Rlyblonde reintroduced herself in 2023 as a DIY rock darling with the release of her debut EP, Fantasy.

The artist released 5 self-directed & produced music videos alongside the EP, performed at iconic venues across New York City, and captured the attention of key tastemakers like The Luna Collective and Unpublished Magazine.

Rlyblonde - Dumb Blonde (Youtube)

Photo Credit: Tallulah PR

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