Alt-Rockers Raging Sons deliver fierce new single

Music Review | 2nd March, 2024 The Raging Sons The Raging Sons

Formed in 2021, Raging Songs released their critically acclaimed debut album titled 20:20 followed by a string of ear-catching singles.

The latest release, Black Room, delves into the youth of songwriter Fint Tynan, who traces his upbringing in a tumultuous and rebellious household in Limerick City, Ireland, spanning the 90s and 00s.

The track kicks off with a rock-anthem chorus joined by distorted guitars, synth, thumping drums and enigmatic vocals, solidifying the band's distinctive musical identity.

Black Room serves as a contemplative gaze into the past, addressing the ghosts that linger in the memories of youth. The song encapsulates the universal experience of grappling with one's identity and choices during the turbulent years of adolescence, offering listeners a nostalgic and introspective musical journey.

The Raging Sons - Black Room

The single, Black Room, is available through all streaming platforms.

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