Primal Rival Reveal Faceless

Music Review | 9th February, 2024

Primal Rival, combine overdriven guitar and emotionally-wrought vocals with their latest melodic grunge-rocker, Faceless.

Primal Rival Faceless Faceless (Cover Artwork

Faceless is a great mid-tempo melodic track with one foot in rock territory, while the other is in grunge. Snarling vocals layered over guitars saturated in overdrive driven by a pounding rock beat.

Returning after a recent line up change the single, Faceless marks Primal Rival's return with considerable aplomb.

Having absconded his home in Northern Ireland to Glasgow, Kevin Donnelly, forded a new sound and a clean slate to start afresh. Moving away from his previous role as a bass player, Kevin began started writing and recording ideas for a solo project which led to the recording of the EP, Sundaze.

To help bring Faceless to life bass and drums were recorded at Carlton Studios in Glasgow, while in keeping with the bands DIY approach, Kevin recorded his vocals and guitar in his home, allowing him to delve into the vocals and deliver the performance heard on the track.

This DIY approach is at the center of Primal Rival, never having to ask anyone's permission or wait for the tap on the shoulder to release music. It allows Kevin, joined by new lineup that includes Ross Smith on drums and Cameron Smith on bass, to work and release music on their time.

Primal Rival - Faceless (Youtube)

The single, Faceless, is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Old Crows Promotions

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