Singer songwriter Partland unleashes reworked heartfelt single

Music Review | 5th July, 2024 Hope to Love Again Hope to Love Again (Cover Artwork)

Galway based singer songwriter and artist Thomas McPartland has released a reworked version of his single Hope to Love Again, from the soon to be released new album The Empty Atlantic.

Hope to Love Again has become a signature track for the artist, demonstrating his penchant for delicate vocals and powerful choruses.

The lyrics deal with the helpless inevitability of getting older and recounting failed relationships of the past, while remaining hopeful for the future.

Partlands most recent singles Last Chance Hero and Don't Shoot Me Those Baby Blues picked up support in HotPress, RTE Entertainment, RTE RADIO ONE, InMusic, Near FM, Dublin South FM, Shannonside FM, This Is Galway, Flirt FM, The Beat, RTE 2XM and many more making the Galway native one to watch.

Now with his new album on the horizon, Partland is now set out to make an even bigger name for himself as he hopes to keep building up momentum.

Partland - Hope To Love Again (Youtube)

The single Hope To Love Again is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jawdropper Music

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