Papa Boyle unleashes stunning retro-indie infectious new single

Music Review | 23rd June, 2024 Papa Boyle Papa Boyle

Papa Boyle is a Retro Indie artist based out of Dublin, who takes inspiration from the retro sounds of the '50s and 60's Rock n Roll era with a tinge of modern Indie.

With aspirations of 2024 being a breakout year with releases and gigs across Ireland, Papa Boyle has already seen himself land some great success with his debut single Between Two Fools, released in April 2024.

The artist returns with his latest track, Last Chance Saloon, sees Papa explore how the smallest decisions to make or the smallest chances to take can sometimes feel like the biggest ones of all not to miss out on.

When approaching the structure of the song Papa Boyle wanted it to reflect this idea;

It was great to explore different vocal textures in the verses and to croon over the bigger moments of the song.
Musically - Last Chance Saloon - is the cumulation of a lot of influences and inspirations but I do think there is a slightly more country feel to the song whilst it still sitting in the Retro Indie realm, at the time of writing the song the likes of Roy Orbison, Father John Misty and Hermanos Gutierrez had a major influence on the vocal and guitars.
I think this song will conjure up a lot of different imagery to people, I'm looking forward to hearing what people think when they listen to the track and I hope they will see my progression from my first release.

Papa Boyle - Last Chance Saloon (Youtube)

The single Last Chance Saloon is available through all streaming platforms.

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