Singer-songwriter Papa Boyle Unleashes Retro-Indie Debut Single

Music Review | 6th April, 2024 Papa Boyle Between Two Fools Between Two Fools (Cover Artwork)

Dublin singer songwriter Papa Boyle is a retro-indie artist who combines the sounds of 50s and 60's Rock n Roll with a modern Indie twist.

With aspirations of 2024 being a breakout year with releases and gigs across Ireland, Papa Boyle releases the debut single Between Two Fools.

The debut single is simple yet effective. With swirls of guitar over soft vocals and harmonies Between The Fools flows nicely which the singer says was influenced by beats such as Roy Orbison's Crying or The Ronettes's Be My Baby.

Lyrically the track was forged from outside observation of how things can pan out when a big decision is made in a relationship, Papa Boyle put himself in the shoes of the people who went through this and mulled over the thoughts or situations they may find themselves in, taken the role of the narrator in this instance.

Speaking about Between Two Fools Papa Boyle says;

I found these older songs had a lovely simplicity to them that allowed the vocal and instruments to have their moment in the spotlight and this is something I wanted to try and achieve in my song
At the time of writing the song I found myself listening to some more country-leaning music ie Chris Stapleton and Orville Peck. This inspired me to track some lap steel guitar on this record which was my first time to do so, the acoustic and electric guitar have a mixture of tones old and new which I think gives the track a Retro Indie feel.

Papa Boyle - Between Two Fools (Youtube)

The debut single, Between Two Fools is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jawdropper Music

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