Solo artist PA Sheehy releases latest single

Music Review | 25th June, 2024 Towards The Water Towards The Water (Cover Artwork)

Former Walking On Cars frontman PA Sheehy proves again that his departure from the group isn't slowing down his creativity as he continues to show his artistic development with a fresh new sound.

The Dingle based wordsmith is off the back of a sold out European Tour as well as playing support to Bruce Springsteen at Hyde park last summer.

The latest track from the songwriter is Towards The Water, an energetic piece bursting with feelings of nostalgia and venture. Sheehy recalls being so lost in my early 20's, and wanting to runaway.

Towards The Water captures and echoes possibility and hope beyond his surroundings. Sheehy explains a friend once told me your always just one decision away from changing your whole life and I guess I've leaned into that a few times over the years.

The Lyric I don't know where I'll go but I'm going drags the listener in close as it sets up a big payoff with soothing guitars intertwining with Sheehy's layered vocal.

PA Sheehy - Towards The Water (Youtube)

The single Towards The Water is available through all streaming platforms.

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