Post-Punk, Gothic Indie Rock artist pMad Returns with latest single

Music Review | 5th July, 2024 pMad Electric Electric (Cover Arrwork)

Galway artist pMad captivating sound, addresses themes of self-survival, personal growth, and global concerns like the Climate Crisis.

With a number of releases under his belt, pMad is a solo project by singer songwriter, producer Paul Dillon who has been crafting Post-Punk, Gothic Indie Rock.

The latest single Electric sees the artist fuse electro-pop with avant-garde sounds.

Discussing his latest single pMad says;

We often overlook ourselves and our achievements. Electric is about recognizing that we should hold ourselves in high regard and prioritise self-love over the opinions of others

The cover artwork for Electric Bella Dillon, daughter of pMad, making it a family endeavour.

pMad - Electric (Youtube)

The single Electric is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Bella Dillon

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