Belfasts Mr Pink Showcase Their Expansive Sound With Latest Track

Music Review | 25th May, 2024 Mr Pink Mr Pink

Having played in various outfits together over the years, MrPink are a band who are keen not to be pinned down to one particular sound, opting for the freedom found in a genreless approach to their writing.

The creative process often relies on ideas rising up out of the sound bath of jams in the practice room, while the band pull on influences that range from RHCP and Peter Gabriel to Queen, Muse and The Police.

The latest from the band is Love Hate Heartbreak, a track saturated in funky bass tones, flurrys of guitar and pounding drums.

The writing process behind Love Hate Heartbreak was born from a demo that had been gestating for a number of years before the band brought their own touch to the track expanding upon it and bringing it to life.

The accompanying video is something truly special, calling on the talents of artist Ciara Dunne to help create a visual counterpoint to the track.

The stop-motion video perfectly wraps a visual around the track, replicating the musical influence of Peter Gabriel to the visual, pulling influence from his iconic Sledgehammer video. Ciara's video is entirely her own though as she adds a visual language to the music.

Mr Pink - Love Hate Heartbreak (Youtube)

The single Love Hate Heartbreak is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Old Crows Promotions

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