Dublin's brightest new voices Mr Billy Fitzgerald finally ready to release his pop masterpiece

Music Review | 17th June, 2024 Mr Billy Fitzgerald Mr billy Fitzgerald

Having stepped away from music for a short period following the dissolution of his band, The Dead Flags, singer songwriter Billy Fitzgerald is finally ready to release his pop masterpiece.

Conscious of not wanting to repeat himself part of searching for his new sound meant starting from scratch. Billy gave himself a year to fall back in love with music until he slowly began to create his new sound.

Discarding old habits and tropes, even going as far to ditch the Telecaster in favour of acoustic guitar, Billy has broadened his palette with new sounds and musical direction leading to the release of, Gimme Love, a tale of heartbreak.

Gimme Love was written over ten years ago, but the track wasn't fully realised until it was played for an audience. Playing various open mics around Dublin helped the song find its natural groove, inspiring Billy to lock himself away and self-produce the entire track.

Written following a friend going through an intensely break up the lyrics pendulum between defiance and plea to be taken back into the love they had before. This dual perspective perfectly captures the nature of any breakup while trying to make sense of this betrayal.

Mr Billy Fitzgerald - Single Gimme Love (Youtube)

The single Gimme Love is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Michael Smyth/Old Crows Promotions

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