Moon Looks On Release, Goodbye Polar Bear

Music Review | 2nd February, 2024

Moon Looks On continue to build momentum with the release of Goodbye Polar Bear in the lead up to the album Way Out West, which is set for release this spring.

Moon Looks On Moon Looks On (Stephen Gormley)

Beginning with a finger-picking intro, Goodbye Polar Bear, despite being about blocking out negativity has a uplifting feel-good pop sound, combing fiddle, guitar and vocals over a driving beat.

Speaking about the track singer Stephen Gormley says;

Goodbye Polar Bear is in essence a song about learning to block out the negative thoughts in your own head, the constant niggle, the voice in your ear that tells you should be doing better or you be could doing more, while you actually feel like you're going in reverse with no semblance of control over the direction or path ahead.
I wrote it in the depths of winter on a cold morning in January after a heavy snowfall and the deep white blanket of snow outside my window mirrored the heavy weather within and inspired the title.
Most days the easiest way for me to clear my mind is to write down my thoughts on the page and not to lean too heavily on past exploits.

Goodbye Polar Bear features on the eagerly awaited new album, Way Out West, which was recorded and produced by acclaimed producer Bill Shanley.

Moon Looks On - Goodbye Polar Bear

The single, Goodbye Polar Bear is available through all streaming platforms.

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