Meath Rocker Martin Moran releases latest track!

Music Review | 4th June, 2024 Martin Moran The Wishing Tree The Wishing Tree

Having been kept busy with a number of projects currently in the pipeline, Meath singer songwriter Martin Moran has found time to release his first single of 2024.

The Wishing Tree is the latest single to be released by the self produced singer/songwriter and marks a change in sound, which he puts down mainly to his guitar playing on the track.

The latest track see Moran blend piano, acoustic guitar and some melodic bass guitar parts. Not to mention a heavy presence of vocal harmonies to the four or five melody changes of the song.

Speaking about his latest track Moran says;

There's kind of a lot of chords in the song but the the lead guitar doesn't really play straight chords. It's always playing either a melody, a counter melody or some moving progression behind the actual tune of the song
Also, instead of doing two separate harmony parts, I played it on two strings of the one guitar at the same time. I found it gave a nice distortion and a cool kind of feedback that blended into the sound of the song.

Martin Moran - The Wishing Tree (Youtube)

The single The Wishing Tree is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Martin Moran

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