Indie band Madrai Release Stunning Debut Single

Music Review | 5th July, 2024 Madrai Leaving On My Own Madrai

Having met in college, Madrai orignated as a songwriting partnership which blosomed into a full band with each member bringing their own unique perspective and taking their respective hammers to the anvil when crafting their sound.

This is apparent on the new single, Leaving on my Own, which started life as a loop pedal jam, before finding life and in the process became, as the band say, a mausoleum for the end of a relationship.

The debut single Leaving on My Own sees Frontman Callum laying himself bare across the four and a half minutes run time.

The honesty and vulnerability expressed is both frightening and cathartic while allowing the listener to connect instantly. All draped over a laid-back melancholy indie rock track.

Madrai - Leaving On My Own (Youtube)

The latest single Leaving On My Own is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Old Crows Promotions

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