Alt rockers Los Saints Release New single ahead of album release

Music Review | 10th June, 2024 Los Saints Los Saints

Los Saints pour all of their experiences and feelings into a vibrant mosaic of indie, alternative, and rock. They piece together memories and mantras in the form of gauzy melodies, fuzzy guitars, and dusty rhythmic grooves.

The band have been sharping their distinct and dynamic signature style on their forthcoming full-length debut LP, Certified.

Ahead of the album release the band have released Doctor conjuring dark imagery of being interrogated like in a movie via breathy lyrics and an off-kilter soundscape.

Speaking on the single, guitarist/vocalist Angel Mariscal says;

I made this song a long time ago. I don't remember exactly when, but I want to say I was still in high school. For me, 2017 was my hell year, in terms of mental health. I'd say it's my most expressive song, all around. It's not necessarily dark but, it's dark, for me at least. The concept is pretty much just self analysis, I guess. After just right before the 2 minute mark is where I added more elements to the song that I felt would allow you to fall deeper into the darkness of the song.

Los Saints - Doctor (Youtube)

The single Doctor is available through all streaming platforms.

Their highly anticipated debut album Certified, is set for release on 26th July, 2024.

Photo Credit: @seanmendozaa

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