Los Saints Release Single No.3 From Upcoming Album

Music Review | 29th April, 2024 Los Saints Los Saints

Co-founded by cousins Angel Mariscal and Emiliano Garcia as well as ex-member Gianluca Exposito, Los Saints pour all of their experiences and feelings into a vibrant mosaic of indie, alternative and rock.

The band initially gained traction with their debut EP, Welcome To Confusion in 2022. Building on this momentum, the three-piece hit the studio once again for the recording of their soon to be released album, Certified.

The latest single If Everything Goes is the third release from the album and sees the band explore glitchy keys wrapped around breezy acoustic guitar.

Speaking on the single, guitarist/vocalist Angel Mariscal says'

It be hard not to feel like a burden sometimes, or sometimes, all the time. Or, if something ends without an answer as to why, you could go about it two ways. The first way is to seek out the answer, no matter where you have to go or who have to talk to, doing all of this WITHIN REASON and either accept that things just happen sometimes and move on or resolve things. Or two, you could let the silence go on, or let the ship that's slowly sinking, sink and over time come up with you own answer which is, just blame yourself. So the second thing is what i tend to do, which is not good, so don't do it. That's what this song is about pretty much

The highly anticipated debut album Certified is slated for release on July 26, 2024.

Los Saints - If Everything Goes (Official Video - Youtube)

The single If Everything Goes is available through all streaming platforms.

The album Certified is set for release 26th July, 2024.

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