Indie band Longstryde set to impress with debut single

Music Review | 27th June, 2024 Superhuman Superhuman (Cover Artwork)

Centred around the core of brothers Tommy and Ricky, indie band Longstryde have become a vital new voice in the Irish music scene.

Their debut single Superhuman happened almost by accident. After some experimentation with home recording Ricky shared an early version with Tommy, made up of Rickys guitars, scratch vocals, programmed drums and midi bass. The next day Tommy had transformed the scratch vocals into the emotive and lush vocal we hear on the track today.

Joining the brothers on drums, Alex Sanchez opens the track with considerable kick snare thump, giving way to layers of delayed guitars along with Tommy's signature lush vocals.

Lyrically Superhuman speaks of breaking down self-imposed barriers, pushing against familiarity and comfort, striving to achieve while closing the book on old chapters, looking to horizons a new.

The track builds and crescendos as Rickey's guitar offers an avalanche of notes while Ricky's call and response harmonies help bring the track home.

Longstryde - Superhuman (Youtube)

The single Superhuman is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Old Crows Promotions

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