Indie-Alt Band Left On Read Unleash Infectious New Single

Music Review | 6th July, 2024 Left On Read Left On Read

Hailing from Limerick, Ireland, Left on Read formed in 2020 with the goal of working on a couple of demos together. Developing their sound playing with different styles they have already crafted a huge catalogue of music in their locker ready to call on.

Since the release of their debut single, Never Enough in 2021, Left On The Road have continued to release top notch singles gaining support nationwide.

Their latest single Making the Moment Count is the bands 7th single, and a to the bands roots with a funky indie-rock tune backed by a powerful vocal hook, and it's proven a big hit on the live circuit.

A fan favorite on the live scene Making the Moment Count is a fun and upbeat song made to be danced to with its funky groove, the sort of which you'd get from Mark Ronson, Nile Rogers of Chic or Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Speaking about Making the Moment Count lead singer Steven says;

Every time we've played live this past year people have asked about this track. I guess it's about time we give them what they've been asking for.
It's a break-up song. More-so about break-up sex to be honest. I guess sort of a last hurrah for the time spent together. You'll spot those subtle hints in the lyrics now that I've said that!

Making the Moment Count is the second release by the band in the same number of weeks with their latin inspired single IDK dropping on the 19th of June. We've written a lot of tunes, says the band. We're kinda sick of sitting on them waiting for the right moment to release. The right moment is yesterday, so now will have to do.

Left On Read - Making The Moment (Youtube)

The single Making The Moment is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Brian O'Keeffe

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