Alt Rockers King Cara Release Stunning Single

Music Review | 11th Apr, 2024 King Cara King Cara

Based in Dublin KING CARA are an alternative rock band delivering fuzz-flavoured riffs, wry lyricism, and driving rhythms. Following their debut single Favourite Crusade (Mar 2023), the band returns with their latest single, Eden Quay.

Eden Quay sees the band continue to deliver music bursting with fuzz tones, heavy rock beats and a stunning vocals.

Speaking about their latest track Jimmie Byrne (vocals, guitar) says;

I used to work in a nightclub in Dublin. We usually finished up around 3-4am. I was too cheap to get a taxi and there was no Nightlink to Drumcondra at the time, so normally I'd end up walking home. My route would usually take me through Temple Bar, down O'Connell Street and Dorset Stree
Every night, people would fill the streets as the late bars and clubs closed, almost all absolutely plastered. Their priorities were either getting home, or getting food. Queues of people would be waving for taxis like marooned sailors on a beach, and every McDonalds sign was a beacon calling the faithful to prayer. I found it surreal, it wasn't a sight I was used to experiencing sober.
After one of these nights, I came home and couldn't sleep. A guitar riff kept circling in my brain and keeping me awake. I recorded it on my phone, and the next day I wrote the lyrics, inspired by what I saw that night.

King Cara - Eden Quay (Youtube)

The single Eden Quay is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Denis Cretu / Artwork: Denis Cretus and Jimmie Byrne

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