Prog-Rockers KIND release their latest melodic single

Music Review | 27th April, 2024 KIND KIND

Melodic progressive rock band KIND formed as a result of songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Matt Redmonds ambition to create music that was totally unique incorporating the strong melodies of pop, heavy guitar, complex harmonies and a dual male/female vocal, and thus, KÎND was born.

After playing multiple festivals in 2023 and a headline show in The Soundhouse KÎND plan to release more music in 2024 than they ever have.

With 4 releases under their belt the band have released their latest single, Philosopher's Wish, which the band say is our most ambitious release to date.

The track is a blend of prog and alternative rock with lots of unusual elements sprinkled throughout - time signature changes, orchestral sections, a bass solo and 3 part harmonies!

KIND - Philosophers Wish (Youtube)

The single Philosopher's Wish is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: KIND

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