Rising Alternative Songstress Kamille Scipio Releases Debut EP

Music Review | 27th March, 2024 Kamille Scipo Licorice Kamille Scipo

Brooklyn-based Kamille Scipio is a musician, artist and producer specializing in soulful electronic music with gorgeous lyricism.

The debut EP Licorice is brimming with chill out vibes from start to finish. An artist in full control, Kamille takes the listener on a musical voyage with intricate rhythms electronic grooves and gorgeous lyricism.

The open track Long Before contains splashes of piano and rhythms which weave together while Houndstooth explosive percussion and energetic harmonies result is an ecstatic, genre-bending ode to a love that both lifts her up and brings her down.

Contender offers a timely convergence of electronic grooves and gorgeous lyricism, while Wish You Were Here titillating rhythms and an infectious bassline brings the EP to a close.

Speaking about the track Wish You Were Here Kamille says;

WYWH is a song about insatiability. I think I’d mostly become fed up with how things were panning out between me and someone I thought was pretty cool. Turns out it was the feeling they’d given me that was worth sticking around for - the waking up to just how deep my longing goes. That was very thrilling. WYWH feels like a breath of fresh air and a rare track from a time spent writing really sad songs.

Kamille Scipio - Wish You Were Here (Youtube)

The EP Licorice is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Kamille Scipio

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