Jessica Wilde’s new slab of social commentary with heavy funk will send you Wild(e)

Music Review | 18th May, 2024 Here Right Now Here Right Now (Cover Artwork)

Singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Jessica Wilde is back with a thought-provoking new single, as she turns up the heat for her highly anticipated new album project dropping this summer.

Like she just swallowed whole the self-help book of Eckhart Tolle’s Power Of Now and then went on a trip on P-Funk’s Mothership; Here Right Now is a song for the times.

Inspired by a tube ride where Wilde tried to catch eyes with a cute guy across the carriage but noticed how, he’s too busy looking at devices, missed my eyes when they were telling him they liked him, to then provoking her to write on the current state of the world, greedy politicians who have lost touch with reality, consumerism and a hustle mentality that has us chasing material gains, only to feed the ego and leave the soul empty, whilst we miss the true joys of life that only exist in the present moment.

The track sees Wilde deliver her trademark sound combining solid beats, harmonies and rap vocals.

Here Right Now is from the forthcoming new album set for release this year.

Jessica Wilde - Here Right Now (Youtube)

The single Here Right Now is available through all streaming platforms.

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