Compelling Irish pop artist Jessica Brett releases beautiful country-pop single

Music Review | 7th June, 2024 Jessica Brett Grow Old With You Grow Old With You (Cover Artwork)

Hailing from Tipperary, Ireland, pop artist Jessica Brett is a singer songwriter who loves experimenting with her music but predominantly turns to pop when creating her tracks.

Since the artist broke through with her first release Jessica has received multiple airplays with singles such as I'll Come Back Better, Sleep At Night , Your Karma & It's Always Been You.

Jessica now returns with her latest track Grow Old With You, a country-pop ode to love.

Speaking about the latest track Jessica says;

Grow Old With You - is a very special song to me because it required me to embrace a certain vulnerability in my songwriting. Writing from this deeply personal perspective was challenging, but it's also what makes me most proud of this piece.
I wanted to create something that truly resonates with the emotions and experiences of being in love. Inspiration for this song came from artists I deeply admire, such as Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. To bring my vision to life, I teamed up with the incredibly talented producer Robert Grace. He understood exactly the sound I was aiming for and helped me achieve that perfect blend of country and pop

Jessica Brett - Grow Old With You(Youtube)

The single Grow Old With You is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jawdropper Music

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