Irish pop artist Jessica Brett releases the infectious new single, Your Karma

Music Review | 23rd February, 2024 Jessica Brett Your Karma Your Karma (Cover Artwork)

With a listening time just over the two minute mark, Your Karma, has a great modern pop feel that leaves you wanting more. The song begins with Jessicas voice accompanied by acoustic guitar until a beat kicks in for the chorus. Layers of vocals join when the chorus comes around a second time, having a powerful effect.

Following on from previous singles I'll Come Back Better and Sleep At Night which gathered multiple radio plays, the new single Your Karma produced by platinum artist Robert Grace is an ode to empowerment after a relationship ends.

Speaking about Your Karma Jessica says;

I wrote Your Karma about when a relationship turns sour that it's best to move on, rise above it and let karma work its magic because once you know that you're a good person they'll always just be a lesson in your life but you'll forever be their loss.

Jessica Brett - Your Karma

The single, Your Karma, is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Schmidt

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