Indie-Pop Band Internet Tears Explore New Love With Latest Release

Music Review | 22nd April, 2024 Internet Tears Internet Tears

Indie-Pop band Internet Tears have been establishing themselves as a rising force, incorporating colorful tints of pop-rock, synth-punk and synthwave in its enveloping compositions that explore themes such as self-empowerment and relationships.

Fresh on the heels of their poignant single Death & His Friends, the band return to usher in spring with their inviting new single I Want You,.

The track captures the thrilling excitement of having a crush, born from the personal dating experiences of the band’s frontman Daniel Louis and features a glowing blend of expansive rhythms and melodies that echo as boldly as a heartbeat.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track Daniel says;

I Want You, is about someone that I dated, and as I was asking them to be mine, I wrote this and presented this song to them. The funny, ironic thing is that it’s coming out after we broke up

With its shimmering arrangement and flirtatious lyrics that speak to the romantic dreamer in all of us, I Want You makes the perfect addition to any spring playlist.

Internet Tears - I Want You (Youtube)

The single I Want You is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Erica D'Aurora | Gioia Communications

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