Alt-band duo Huntings Unleash Stunning New Single

Music Review | 9th July, 2024 Huntings Huntings

Formed from the ashes of a previous projects Huntings is the product of brothers James and Brian Edwards who have a created a stripped down sound that explores the core elements of guitar, vocals and drums.

With dark, brooding sounds the brothers weave melody amongst the crashing drums and swathes of distortion crafting songs that are short and punchy wrapping up rock along side more eclectic influences.

The latest single from the rock duo is the highly anticipated single Doom. Born from a slow and sludgy guitar riff the track soon came to life when the brothers combined their creative mind exploring with rockabilly guitar and driving drums.

With the lack of a functioning bass player the duo experimented with different octave pedals, along with the layers of guitars to create a huge sound with plenty of ear candy for headphone listeners.

Lyrically Doom speaks of a breakdown in relationships and a loss of communication that can lead to a sense of isolation, as James sings I split into three, to make the most of me, this encapsulates the sense of drowning while trying to keep up and be all things to all people.

Opting to take the approach for short recording sessions as opposed to long days in the studio, the band recorded live, keen to capture to energy and performance element of the song.

Huntings - Doom (Youtube)

The single Doom is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Old Crows Promotions

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