New-wave/shoegaze outfit His Father's Voice release new single

Music Review | 4th June, 2024 His Fathers Voice His Fathers Voice

Limerick's new-wave/shoegaze band His Father's Voice deliver a brooding yet purposeful sound with soaring pop melodies, muscular rhythms, and immersive guitars.

April saw the release of the new-wave inspired Arm's Length, which saw the band embark on an Irish tour. The band continues their momentum with Forgot to Feed, showcasing a dreamscape of whirling keys, washed out guitars and melancholic vocals backdropping the decision to leave a letter unsent.

Speaking about the track lead vocalist Ash O'Connor says;

This song came about around the time that I was listening to a lot of Bessie Smith and Ella Fitzerald. I'd like to think there's glimpses of that showing through across certain vocal lines, I don't think I would have made those creative decisions had I been in my usual shoegaze listening rut. Forgot to Feed originally began with quite dark shoegaze guitars, but as the crooning vocals began to achieve the dejected delivery I was looking for, the instrumental brightened and provided a well needed dream-like contrast.

His Fathers Voice - Forgot To Feed (Youtube)

The single Forgot To Feed is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Laya Meabhdh Kenny & Hugh Heffernan

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