Gothony Release Much Anticipated Self Titled Debut Album

New Music | 12th January, 2024

Founded back in 1993, metal band Gothony have finally released their self-titled debut album, Gothony.

Gothony Gothony (Cover Artwork)

While metal based the debut album, Gothony, combines a number of musical elements and themes.

Tracks such as the slow paced, Hologram dips somewhat into the pop world, while In The Shadow Of The Moon, returns to the atmosphere of the 90s and metal classics.

Many of the songs on Gothony featured as demo's in the 90's, such as Crystal Dream Apophis which was re-recorded from its almost original recording back in 1997. The song was updated to a slightly more modern 2023 version, but its basic structure and riffs are almost the same.

The album Gothony is available through all streaming platforms.

Gothony - Gothony (Youtube - Inverse Records)

Promo picture by Lassi Karhulahti

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