Ghost Work Tease New Album

Music Review | 6th February, 2024

Super-group, Ghost Work have released the single, Earthquake, ahead of their soon to be released album set for 8th March.

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Earthquake is packed with all the elements of Alt-Rock, that begins slow before kicking into full power-chord mode.

The track doesn't give you time to think. There are no breaks or guitar solos here, just flat out anthem-rock from start to finish. If you're into bands such as Foo Fighters then this is a track you need to hear.

Ghost Work are a combination of members/ex-Members of bands Seaweed, Snapcase, Milemarker and Minus The Bear, who came together to form this musical project.

As a primarily virtual band, the process of creating their soon to be released album Light a Candle For The Lonely, involved lots of back-and-forth. Individual jams and riffs turned into sketches; sketches became demos; demos became fleshed out and structured songs; and songs became nuanced and Ghost Work-ed.

Speaking about the track Aaron Stauffer (vocals) says;

This track hit me with the ferociousness of the most intense rainstorm you've ever experienced and it definitely has my favorite drumming on the record. Lyrically, the song is about how our emotional states can be as chaotic as those storms or similar to the ground giving way beneath our feet. - Stauffer (No Echo)

Ghost Work - Earthquake (Official Audio)

The single, Earthquake is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Earshot Media

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