G.H. Francis discusses personal journey with latest indie-pop single

Music Review | 26th April, 2024 G.H. Francis G.H. Francis

Songwriter and producer Gregory Hoepffner G.H. Francis project bloomed from a life journey of releasing records and touring all over the world with multifaceted projects.

Fully pop, urgent, G.H. Francis relies on the vitality and shape-shifting ability of an artist who intentionally places light and catchy music on top of deeply personal thoughts, somewhere between catharsis and auto biography.

The latest single from the artist is The Only Queer In The Van which features on the soon to be released EP Why Does Anyone?.

The EP is a collection of synthetic pop songs which sees the artist successfully revive the spontaneity of meaningful pop music, both accessible and profound.

The single The Only Queer In The Van, is an effervescent guitar driven track, with buoyant hooks, that evokes a difficult coming-out while touring in a rock band. The track is lavishly arranged and surprisingly pop.

G.H.Francis - The Only Queer In The Van (Youtube)

The single The Only Queer In The Van is available through all streaming platforms.

The EP Why Does Anyone? is set for release on 14th June, 2024.

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