Irish Alternative Artist Freddy Black Releases Captivating New Single

Music Review | 27th May, 2024 Freddy Back Freddy Black

Multi-talented and experimental poet Freddy Black has been musical transcending boundaries, inviting listeners to explore the depths of human experience.

Black continues to showcase his distinctive artistic sensibilities via a nimble combo of blues-infused lyrics and a carnival-like atmosphere of piano, slide guitar topped off with his asphaltic half-spoken, half-sung vocals.

The latest offering from the artist is Cloak and Dagger, a blues song for modern times blending slide guitar, piano and Freddys unique style of spoken lyric.

The song is part of a seven-part song cycle drawn from the mystical power of the number 7, touching on luck, whether good or ill-starred, on the seven deadly sins, and the notoriously seven-headed apocalyptic ambassador that arises from the sea in the Book of Revelation.

Freddy Black - Cloak And Dagger (Youtube)

The single Cloak And Dagger is available through all streaming platforms.

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