For Closure Tease Debut Album with No Condition

Music Review | 5th March, 2024 For Closure For Closure

For Closure began as a simple studio project formed by songwriters Lazlo and Luis Estefania, who most recently were together in longtime San Fernando Valley-based outfit For Sale.

The dissolution of For Sale left Lazlo and Estefania with a backlog of yet-unrecorded material and a decision to continue establishing their songwriting partnership via a new outlet—hence, For Closure.

Armed with a batch of songs, polished and perfected for tracking, Lazlo and Estefania entered the recording studio in the summer of 2022 to begin the sessions that would ultimately sprout the band's first single, Carousel,, which led to a second session in winter 2023, to complete the band's forthcoming debut full-length album, to be released in 2024.

The latest track, No Condition moves up and down in tempo combining glassy guitar tones in the chorus that lead to thunderous drums and crashing chords in the verse.

Speaking about the track drummer/producer Wal Rashidi says;

I think - No Condition - could resonate with just about anyone listening. It's beautiful, powerful and might serve as the flagship track on this forthcoming full-length album by For Closure. I also hope that - No Condition - encapsulates much of what you love and seek in a song.

For Closure - No Condition

The single, No Condition is available through all streaming platforms.

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