Non-binary princess of queer pop Fee Gray releases infectious guitar driven single

Music Review | 31st May, 2024 Fee Gray Itch Itch (Cover Artwork)

From the debut single Parasocial to the 2024 releases, Hoe Phase and I might be drunk but at least i'm in love, Irish artist Fee Gray experiments with multiple styles creating anything from hard hitting pop punk to soul crushing soft ballads.

The artist keeps the releases coming and listeners on their toes with the latest single, Itch.

Pop-rock at its finest, the infectious guitar driven track is melodic and anthem like, with a feel good sound despite the lyrical topic.

Speaking about the lyrics behind the track Fee says;

I wrote Itch about feeling like you're rotting from the inside out. With an upbeat feel, in contrast to the lyrics, I wanted it to conjure the image of nails on a chalkboard to encapsulate the feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin.

Fee Gray - Itch (Youtube)

The single Itch is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Adam McCormack

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