Indie Duo Fake Dad return to their indie roots

Music Review | 21st April, 2024 Fake Dad Crybaby Crybaby (Cover Art)

Formed in 2020 Fake Dad are a bedroom synth pop meets indie rock duo. The duo have been melting their own unique artistic visions building a shared sonic shorthand, creating intoxicating and colorful musical fusion complete with quirky synths, catchy pop-laden hooks and sun-soaked layered guitars.

With a signature production sound and distinct vocal warmth, the two write and record expansive musical moments from their apartment. Although Andrea and Josh come from different musical backgrounds, they share a common goal: to create music that understands you.

Returning to their indie-rock roots the latest single Crybaby details a relatable and important narrative. The band confides,

The song is about someone who's obsessed with being famous, but no one takes them seriously. It's about the toxic cycle of success/attention for a whole generation who see ourselves as temporarily disgraced superstars.

Fake Dad - Crybaby (Youtube)

The single Crybaby is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Mora May Agency

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