Declan And Evelyn release latest track from upcoming album

New Music | 24th January, 2024 Evelyn And Declan Sinnott Half The Moon Half The Moon (Cover Artwork)

Evelyn & Dec have released their latest single, Half Of The Moon, from the upcoming album, Make For Joy, set for 29th February.

Half of the Moon is the 3rd single for the upcoming album and has a playful feel, almost cheeky, with a nod to Romani-Belgian jazz guitarist and composer Django Reinhardt.

Evelyn and Declan started working together in the dark Winter of 2020. Now they've stepped into the light, writing and recording an album together.

Following the radio success with the first two tracks, Who Has Coloured You Blue and Make For Joy their is high hopes for the duo's album release.

The latest single, Half of the Moon, oozes calmness with a soft tempo using drum brushes with Evelys sultry voice, accompanied by Declans acoustic guitar.

Both Declan and Evelyn has years of experience under their belt and it shows through, Half Of The Moon.

Declan, of course has worked with Christy Moore, Mary Black, Horslips, Moving Hearts etc, along with producing, writing and playing guitar for multiple performers.

Evelyn was born on the tropical island of Curaçao, had a music career in the Netherlands and lives in the south-west of Ireland now. She has gone from singing in Les Misérables to touring with an acid Jazz Band and everything in between.

Eve And Dec - Half of the Moon (Youtube)

The single, Half Of The Moon, is available through all streaming platforms.

Evelyn and Declan are set to release the album, Make For Joy, on 29th February, 2024.

Photo Credit: Pete Murphy Publicity

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