Irish band Esmeralda Road Return with latest Single

Music Review | 20th March, 2024 Esmeralda Road I Think Esmeralda Road

Originally formed as a humble 3-piece outfit in 2021 Esmeralda Road has since undergone a remarkable evolution, expanding into a dynamic septet that includes a captivating horn section.

The band emerges as a compelling force in the independent music scene, drawing inspiration from the eclectic sounds of the late 2010s London jazz scene.

Following the act's critical acclaim from previous releases Feel and NI Music Prize Single of The Year 2023 winner To U the Irish band has seen a stark development in their sound.

The latest single I Think showcases the bands unique style combining unusual beats, crashing guitars and a dreaming horn section.

About the track front-man and lyricist, Charlie Magill says;

This track for me encapsulates the high and lows one feels when they find themselves in a 'casual' relationship. Feelings that aren't quite love and hate but rather just satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The song starts from a very defensive and dismissive perspective, disregarding the possibility of this relationship going any further.
This attitude slowly shifts throughout the song until it's peak at the end in which this possibility doesn't feel like such a bad thing anymore and they begin to accept it. I suppose in a more personal sense, it's about my fear of letting people in, hidden behind larger than life demeanour represented by the grand instrumentation and delivery, a begrudgingly vulnerable song you might say.

Esmeralda Road - I Think (Youtube)

The single I Think is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Sarah Ellis @tellyourmumitookphotos

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