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Music Review | 13th April, 2024 Empires To Ruin Peacekeepers Peacekeepers (Cover Artwork)

Based on the north coast of Ireland Empires To Ruin are a band with plenty of experience. Comprising of Glenn MacLennan, Paul Stewart and Kyle Shirlow, each member has played in various bands over the last 20 years, but united in 2023 to create something new.

The debut track Peacekeepers is the brainchild of bassist Paul, who came up with the original concept, lyrical theme and chordal structure.

Through collaboration with guitarist / vocalist Glenn and drummer Kyle, the lyrics and instrumental parts were fine-tuned into the final track, with the addition of an extended outro written by Glenn.

The track opens with a chant before kicking into rock mode with crunching guitars and pounding rock beat.

Speaking about the track Glenn says;

As with any art form, the track is certainly open to interpretation and we would encourage listeners to explore it in as much depth as they like. But some fairly obvious general themes are authoritarianism, oppression, war and exploitation.

Empires To Ruin have quite an extensive back catalogue of demos from the last year or so and are planning to return to the studio to record and release them on an EP, hopefully this side of 2025.

Empires To Ruin - Peacekeepers (Youtube)

The single Peacekeepers is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Glenn - E2R

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